Ayurveda Bliss

Ayurveda Bliss exists to support the knowledge of living with profound awareness and presence... (“Ayus” ~ life  “Veda” ~ knowledge, “awareness” ~ bliss)
Feel more radiant, centered, joyful, generous, compassionate and grateful in life!
I AM happy to assist you in dreaming and moving in the direction of all you can imagine

Ayurveda uses beautifully nurturing techniques to reawaken your innermost nature allowing healing and re-balancing on all levels of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions.  When you remember that you are a part of the perfect pattern of nature, it is possible to restore your essential innocence, beauty and worthiness to express your unique gift. 

At the root of all physical and emotional dis-ease is a subtle cause; unprocessed thoughts, feelings, emotions or experiences. These impressions, experienced through the senses, manifest as an energetic pattern in your vibrational field that cause obstruction in the free flow of “prana”, life force energy, in your physical and energetic bodies. If left unprocessed, these subtle patterns  will eventually make themselves known as subtle signs, which if ignored, will then manifest as physical symptoms. 

Ayurveda is an ancient art and science of addressing and releasing these subtle imbalances before they manifest as dis-ease and regaining a sense of vibrant balance and wonder in your life. The art of Ayurveda supports you in caring for yourself in ways that promote wholeness on all levels; physically, mentally and emotionally, so that you can be free of distraction (from illness) to pursue your highest aspirations and allow the joyful evolution of your soul’s journey.

If you are experiencing anything less than gratitude, love, joy, clarity and radiant aliveness, you can upgrade your entire life by taking the time to intentionally clear these subtle and physical patterns, allowing the natural buoyancy of life to carry you to a renewed sense of balance and opening. As you take the time to reflect, release and replenish you will be upgrading your vibrational frequency which will naturally inspire you toward experiences which continue to support you in contributing your best and brightest in this life.

Life can be amazing!

Ayurveda increases awareness of and directly addresses the senses; 
Sound, Touch, Sight, Smell and Taste

While on retreat whether for a day or a month you will:
    *Receive  beautiful massage and elaborate body bliss therapies that will re-establish the free flow of prana throughout the body using oils, aromas and herbs that have been selected to bring about balance for you. 
    *You will be fed delicious and nourishing whole foods, and learn which foods are the most balancing for you where you are in your life.
    *You will be bathed in the sounds of nature and guided to listen at a deep level to your own inner voice.

    *You will be immersed in the green beauty of Kauai and will have free time to walk the beach, swim, nap, breathe deeply, sweat, cry... release, let go, allow and move to the next level in yourself and your life

Through Emotional Freedom Technique and muscle testing, we will access (perhaps) hidden emotions that are ready to be brought from the unconscious realm into the conscious realm for release.

From expanded awareness you can develop the capacity to reach into those most tender places inside yourself with profound love and acceptance and be able to witness with compassion, release and heal those ancient voices that no longer serve you in your joyful journey. 

  Your process will be respected, honored, guided and supported with full intention and attention.

Three key factors in the Ayurvedic system of healing are: to realize your connectedness to all life; to restore balance within yourself and to allow free expression of universal values such as peace, joy, generosity, appreciation and love. As you practice and experience these three factors you may: 

                                                Release limiting beliefs 
                                                Experience emotional freedom
                                                Find your heart center
                                                Learn to deeply and completely love and accept yourself
                                                Expand your perspective
                                                Create a new Reality
                                                Take time for you... (What is Pancha Karma?)

"With the full knowledge of who we are, we can accomplish anything. We are spirit. Life force itself. As a result of our misconceptions about life, we have literally squeezed ourselves into the volume of a body and the span of a lifetime. Yet, this is not who we are.  We are eternal, limitless life.  If we conceive of something and believe it, it becomes real". 
                                                                                                                                                                         Deepak Chopra

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