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Couples Special Day Retreat

Receive an hour and a half Warm oil massage together followed by shirodhara (see below) or Takradhara (see below) Then a kitcharee dinner for 2 to go!

The following treatments combine together in the rich tradition of Ayurveda called Pancha Karma, a profound journey of healing. Each treatment program will be uniquely designed based on your needs.


Abhyanga ~ A vigorous yet soothing warm oil massage designed to loosen and separate impurities from the cell structure. The therapists work to move prana (life force) through the body. The Abhyanga is followed by a delicious hot towel treatment, further opening the pores of the skin and driving the oil deeper into the system


Shirodhara ~ A gentle stream of warm oil poured slowly and gently across the forehead to access the hypothalamus, which directs the autonomic responses of the body. This massage for the brain is a profoundly relaxing and balancing treatment for the entire nervous system taking you deep into a meditative state of silent Bliss


Same as Shirodhara except using warm or cool buttermilk

to soothe a cool the overactive mind. Sublime!


Swedana ~ An herbalized steam treatment right on the

table which relaxes the body, reduces tension, and opens

the channels of the body to allow loosened impurities to

be eliminated easily through the sweat glands. An

effective aid in weight loss, toning and beautifying the

skin, purifying tissues, and eliminating toxins from the body


Udvartana ~ A massage with herbalized paste which stimulates the underlying tissues for weight reduction followed by dry brushing and a steam. Your skin will feel like velvet after this one!

Pinda Swed or Navarakizhi

A massage with warm muslin boluses filled with a nutrifying blend of rice and rejuvenative herbs along with milk. Pinda swed or navarkhizi is a strengthening treatment specific for the joints

Pacha kizhi

A massage with warm muslin boluses filled with a fragrant blend of castor leaves, coconut and herbs. Pacha khizi is a rejuvenative treatment for all of your body tissues that is deeply penetrating and a feast for the senses

Netra Basti

Netra Basti ~ An oil bath for your eyes to relieve tension, pain and
fatigue from your eyes while improving eyesight, nourishing the nervous
system, soothing away wrinkles, and enhancing perception.


Vishesh ~ A deep tissue Ayurvedic massage with warm oil and hot towels


Pizichilli ~ Treatment of Kings and Queens. A luxurious treatment in which the therapists pours warm oil continuously over the entire body while performing a gentle massage. The pizichilli was formerly reserved only for the royal families of India. It is profoundly relaxing and deeply purifying


Shiro- Abhyanga-Nasya ~ A thorough massage to the head, face, and neck then an herbalized face steam, hot towels over the face, and the administration of Nasya drops, herbalized oils to loosen and clear sinus passages. A wonderful treatment for anyone with sinus problems, chronic headaches, or too much thinking!

Karna Purana

Karna Purana ~ An oil bath for your ears to address pain in th ears, loss of hearing, ringing in the ears, headahes and to loosen wax. Also addresses gums, teeth and jaw disorders

Katti Basti, Uro Basti, Shakti Basti

Katti Basti ~ An oil bath on the lower back, the heart or over the womb designed to relax and bring more flexibility, lubrication, and strength to the bones and tissues of the lumbo-sacral region

Ayurvedic consultation /lifestyle reflection

Ayurvedic consultation ~ Through sharing presence and deep listening, see yourself anew through the eyes of compassionate witnessing and acceptance. Expand your perceptions of life and healing. Learn tools for enhancing awareness, releasing stress and letting go of limiting beliefs and habits that no longer serve you. Experience a new appreciation for yourself and for the universe that is conspiring for your benefit. Welcome to a new level!

                                                   Retreat Pancha karma

Retreat Pancha karma ~ Profound purification retreat at our beautiful Olana Organic Farm on Kauai. You will be treated to 3+ hours of luxurious treatments daily, be served simple nourishing ayurvedic foods prepared with your personal needs in mind and receive guidance in a long term program to support your optimum well being on all levels

$425 per day plus accommodations ($500 per day for 2 therapists)

Private In Home Pancha Karma

$500 per day plus travel expenses and accommodations

Call 808-346-1074 To Schedule Your Retreat

or email