Divine Dining

From the kitchen of the Goddess



Foods Of The Goddess Gaia

Ah, the glory of food! Combining the gifts of nature with creative imagination, food is healing and nourishing to our whole self. Chosen and created with consciousness, received with calm presence, food can restore your perfect health.

During your time here, your whole relationship to food may be enhanced. You will be served delightful combinations that are choreographed for your enjoyment and highest benefit. You will learn which foods are the most beneficial for you and how to prepare them in a way that honors their value and your own!

Come expand your reality of food and dining. I also offer personal training in conscious food preparation and enhanced ability to receive nourishment and delight from food. Together let’s heighten your curiosity to to explore and deepen your experience of food in any way that serves you the most; ayurvedic nutrition and preparation, whole foods preparation, raw foods preparation, weight loss diet...

Food guidance is an integral part of the pancha karma experience, or can be experienced in a specific food training format that will include:

Food and consciousness

Food origins and energetics

Our connection to natural cycles and foods from the seasons and regions we live in

Food preparation

Eating in a sacred way

Enhancing digestion and assimilation

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