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Our retreat setting offers the beauty and elegance of the natural world. You have the safety to let go and journey deeper into your own experience with the support of a sacred space we co-create with you. There are ample opportunities for silence, meditation, peaceful walks, swimming, strolling through the gardens, star gazing and moon baths.               

Panchakarma Retreats on Kauai!

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Panchakarma Retreat


~ A full consultation to determine the optimum protocol and focus to assist you with your transformation

~ 5-7 intensive days of treatments. The treatment days consist of about 3 hours of warm aromatic oil massage, aromatic steam therapies, hot towel treatments, and many other exotic Ayurvedic Bliss Therapies

~Herbal preparations used for the retreat:

~ Ayurvedically prepared meals and beverages customized for your specific needs

~ Instruction in Ayurvedic food preparation

~ Emotional Freedom Techniques

~ Transformational Breathing

~ Sound Healing

~ Aromatherapy

~ Guidance and instruction for a follow up program to support your body, mind, emotions and life at a new level of health, clarity, vitality, and peace within

Cost: $450 per day with one therapist plus accommodations

         $550 per day with two therapists attending plus accommodations

To read my full introduction to Panchakarma with Ayurveda Bliss click here

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In Home Pancha Karma

I will come to your home and facilitate a pancha karma in the setting and context of your life.

This will include all of the above offerings PLUS

This provides the opportunity to receive my reflection about your everyday habits and lifestyle and offer reflection and guidance in order to make changes that would be more life enhancing.

This could include a whole kitchen makeover! It could also include offering you, or your personal chef more extensive instruction in food preparation.

This could include support for clearing your space of clutter and making your home environment more specifically nurturing and balancing for you.

This could also include some help with your wardrobe, choosing colors and form that will enhance your inner “sattvic” (pure and natural) beauty

                                                   Cost $650 per day plus travel expenses and accommodations

Personal Retreats

Day Retreats for individuals, couples or small groups:
Choose from one of the options below or design your own retreat.
All retreats offered year round by appointment

Women’s Rejuvenation Day
Come alone or bring a girlfriend or your women’s group! Receive treatments, enjoy a beautiful lunch, walk, rest, laugh and enjoy each other in this awesomely beautiful Kauai setting.

Sacred Hike Retreats
Choose a hike and we will prepare a picnic lunch for you. Upon returning, receive a treatment session of your choice.

Couples Renewal Retreats
Come and enjoy...each other... And the relaxing and renewing of nature of Kauai.  Allow the warm oils to melt away the stresses within and between you. Gain some perspective on your life, love and priorities.

Sacred Art Retreat
Receive a treatment session followed by free time to explore and play with a variety of art supplies to see what emerges from inside of the sacred container created through the session. Enjoy lunch at your leisure.

Dinner available with any retreat.

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