Diet and Lifestyle Reorientation

This residential retreat offers a chance to learn daily Ayurvedic lifestyle practices and the Ayurvedic food paradigm along with Ayurvedic cooking. You will have ample time to put the practices you learn to use! You will be living in a beautiful natural setting with opportunities for hiking, biking, and swimming (weather permitting). 2-7 Days.

Ayurvedic Massage Training

Learn Ayurvedic massage to integrate into your own massage practice. You will have the opportunity to learn any or all of the treatments we offer!

Ayurvedic Pancha Karma Therapist Training

For the serious Ayurvedic student

Learn the hands on therapies, medicine making, preparation of healing foods, hygiene, hospitality skills, and personal preparation necessary to serve someone going through Pancha Karma. This training will be a wonderful enhancement to your training as an Ayurvedic Practitioner or give you the skills to work with an Ayurvedic Practitioner in a Pancha Karma clinic. Pre-requisite or simultaneous study of Clinical Ayurveda recommended.

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