Ayurvedic Trainings with Myrica Morningstar

Ayurvedic Theory And Practices For Massage Therapists

You will receive a thorough introduction to Ayurvedic theory and practical applications in a clinical setting.

You will learn to see through the eyes of Ayurveda in order to choose the optimum types of massage for each of your clients, the most beneficial oils to use to bring the most balance to them, along with a banquet of delicious Ayurvedic Therapies that will broaden your scope of practice dramatically.

You will learn:

  • Ayurvedic massage~ Abhyanga (in tandem and/or solo)
  • Swedana (sweating) therapies
  • Shirodhara
  • Garshana~ Dry massage
  • Udvartana~ Herbal scrub and lymphatic massage for weight loss
  • Basti treatments to open, clear and strengthen specific areas of your client’s body; the heart, the low back, the womb, the knees, the neck and the eyes
  • Nasya- To open and clear the sinuses and address the mind
  • Karna Purna~ Ear treatment to calm vata

CEU’s Available!

Ayurveda & Yoga For A Joyful Life

A thorough introduction to Ayurvedic Theory for The Yoga Teacher

Ayurveda was developed for the purpose of maintaining optimum health so one can continue with their practice of Yoga on the path of enlightenment without distraction from physical, mental or emotional imbalance.

Learn to take your class deeper into the Vedic Sciences and lifestyle Practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. Become adept at leading meditations, visualizations, pranayama practice as well as being able to guide each of your students in lifestyle practices that will enhance balance and well being. This class is a mix of theory and hands on practices.

“I was so blissed out in gratitude today giving these treatments….thinking of you, and all that you have shared with me! I thought of how many shiros I gave in your tx room….how many times I looked up at you to see pure Radiance in your eyes. Your love and presence in all that you do has forever shifted the way I show up for my “work”. My second client today looked at my set up for all my previous txs, and said it looked like so much work. She asked how was my room meticulous? How did I look so happy and nourished after giving a 3.5 hour session?? I giggled…and credited you for teaching me more than I could articulate… Thank you beautiful woman, for all the small details…all of your creativity that brings greater ease and flow into my work…thank you for always showing me that it’s easy to give when you recognize you are also receiving…to allow yourself to open fully into being in love (as love) with every being. I adore you”