“I just finished the most restorative and loving PK of my life—I’ve had PK in India and in the Maharishi Ayurved center in Iowa—and feel deeply settled and more fully grounded in myself.

I love Myrica—she’s a pure stroke of love herself and every part of my PK was perfect. I’m so grateful to have had this rejuvenation and wish you a wonderful retreat with Myrica.”

“I can’t express how wonderful I feel after my panchakarma cleanse with Myrica and Eana. It is a place I have wanted to be for a long time, and I was guided with total love and nourishment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I feel I have a new starting place in my journey, and I know it will only get better.

Myrica is a beautiful woman, and she brought the beautiful woman out in me, which has been buried for a long time. I have a new sense of freedom, sensuality, and love. Again, my gratitude is boundless to Myrica for this. I look forward to more sessions with in the future and know I can go deeper and deeper.

Mahalo my loving friend!”

“I am delighted to write about Myrica. She is a beautiful person in every way and gave my husband and me a gift of a week of spiritual and physical cleansing that we cherish and will repeat. We loved the peace, the massages, the light heartedness of our days, even the food during our time together. We felt our week helped us look into ourselves and relax. It was just a wonderful experience.

I have recommended sessions with Myrica to our friends. I don’t know what else to say except we love Myrica. If you have any questions I am glad to try to answer them.”

“I have been blessed to receive Panchakarma with Myrica 4 times now. Each time I have experienced profound healing. Myrica brings just what is needed and wanted to the treatment session for me to be deeply nourished without me even having to formulate what that would be.

She not only works miracles with the physical body, but she astutely notices what is imbalanced on the emotional, mental and psychological realms. She shares insights and suggestions to clear old patterns that block us from living our true nature.

Myrica is so creative and able to flow with whatever arises. My last PK was during a recovery period from the sickest I had been in my life. My body was unable to handle ingesting even a small amount of ghee (one of the first steps in initiating the panchakarma process.) Rather than abandoning treatment, Myrica suggested we work on a mental and emotional level using The Emotion Code and meridian tapping in addition to the healing body treatments, abhyangha, swedana and shirodhara. I had an amazing breakthrough that had not occurred in years of psychotherapy. And I became healed physically in the process!

Though some of the old patterns have returned, I am seeing in this years PK that new layers are arising to be healed. We are going even deeper. You will be giving your body and mind some major leaps forward in health, freedom and vitality by receiving PK from Myrica.”


“Aloha Dear One,
A while back I received a request from Myrica asking if I wanted to offer you some feedback about her work.
Oh my Gosh .. I have been so fortunate to have had a Pk one week of every year for the last 4 years with Myrica. She is knowledgeable as well as intuitive. The last time we also did some emotional clearing work, which was a wonderful complement to the ayurvedic process. I am scheduling with her for another one in the first part of next year.

Myrica is a very kind and very gifted therapist. I have always felt completely cared for and attended to with the most thorough tending. Her treatments, and the equipment that she has for the ayurvedic cleansing is truly remarkable. The process calls for a very deep receiving which is remarkable.

I give my highest recommendation for the ways that this work will tune you to the most subtle, through all of your senses and leave you feeling deeply replenished and grateful.”